Team Member

Daniel Choi


Education & Credentials

Ohio State University; Columbus, OH


Periodontics, University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh, PA


Sociology, Business and Administration, University of California, Los Angeles; Los Angeles, CA


As your periodontist, I take the utmost pride and respect in treating your dental needs and helping you achieve optimal oral health.


Dr. Chois favorite vacation spot is Hawaii.


Dr. Choi was born and raised in Ohio. Since arriving in Texas, Dr. Choi has quickly made a name for himself as the go to periodontist in the Dallas area. He is a board certified periodontist, providing such services as implants, impacted wisdom teeth extractions, gum grafts, and LANAP laser treatment, to name a few. He travels to general dental practices all over North Texas providing these services in the comfort of the patients familiar dental office. When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Choi enjoys watching movies with friends.

Professional Associations

Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology